Computer Simulations

How do Computer Simulations Effect Society?

Computer simulations are used more than one might expect. An example of computer simulations would be nuclear testing. It is obviously not safe to detonate a nuclear bomb, let alone detonating multiple for testing. So researchers have turned to computer simulations, to well, simulate how a nuclear bomb would work given set conditions. Other examples could be how fast a garden/forest would grow back if started over, etc. The possibilities for what this technology could be used for is endless.


Allowing humans to test and predict these tests that would otherwise be difficult or even extremely harmful/dangerous, is quite literally, a lifesaver. It also allows things such as animated films/CGI to look the way it does. A simple program that most take for granted such as Google actually uses special computer simulations in order to give you the best results whenever you search for something. Standard programs can even simulate semi-large simulations on a standard computer and can easily be created by the average person which makes life very easy for a lot of people.

Some people may hear about computer simulations and go “Cool.” without realizing how many times computer simulations are used in their daily lives. The two most “recent” examples of this, would probably be that of Virtual Reality/Gaming in general, and Artificial Intelligence. Both of which are overlooked as computer simulations for various reasons. In both cases, they are just complex computer simulations set up to simulate their set feature. One simulates a virtual environment, the other calculates and predicts and artificially, learns how to improve itself. And based on the number of advertisements you get, you would probably assume that AI does play quite a big role in today’s society, but ironically, AI is being used to give you all those advertisements.

Artificial Intelligence
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